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SKP Studios

Making music is our passion

Here at SKP Studios West London we have been writing with, recording and mixing independent artists, singer/songwriters, music enthusiasts, lyricists and vocalists for over a decade. We have worked in numerous genres from Pop, Rock, Soul, RnB, Funk, Folk, Acoustic, Reggae and Hip-Hop with artists and enthusiasts from all backgrounds and ages. We've had 15 year olds come in to record their favourite songs and we've even had a 70 year old who wanted to record an album. All are welcome!

Our resident Producer/Engineer, Songwriter/Vocalist and Multi-Instrumentalist Seb Stone has worked on numerous albums, EP's and singles out of SKP Studios West London some of which have featured on the radio. He has worked as a session vocalist for renowned songwriter/producer Guy Chambers as well as playing various instruments for different live bands. He's even played percussion in a West End show.

Here at SKP Studios we have the experience, the musical ability and the technical knowledge to take your ideas no matter how simple (or complex!) and turn them into full, radio ready productions. Feel free to get in touch, we'd love to chat about your ideas or project.

sebastian@skprecordingstudios.co.uk / 07979 247 795